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Alright, picture this: a Sterling Silver oval 'Mum' locket pendant, spacious enough for two inserts. The front flaunts the word 'Mum' engraved with a heart design and a flower, adding a touch of charm. Inside, protective plastic covers await, easily lifted with a pin. Plus, the polished finish on the reverse is perfect for engraving. And guess what? There's a slight groove on the right-hand edge for easy opening.

Ideal for birthdays or Mothering Sunday, this locket is a versatile gem.

Now, here's the scoop: I sell chains and pendants separately because, well, everyone's got their own taste! Mix and match to your heart's content, but if you're unsure, this one's a safe bet.

Feeling like you need more options? Don't fret! I've got loads more goodies beyond what you see here. Just drop me a line, and I'll sort you out with a sweet discount on chains when you snag a pendant.

Thinking of adding a personal touch? Engraving's the way to go. Tell me what you want – caps or lowercase, block lettering or italic script – and I'll make it happen. Just remember, once engraved, it's yours to keep; no returns.

Fun fact: Lockets were all the rage in the Victorian era, often holding photos or even locks of hair. But before that, they were like tiny treasure chests, holding everything from ashes to powders – talk about versatile!

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