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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Oh, my dazzling souls, let's talk about this delightful Sterling Silver cable chain that's basically the embodiment of subtlety and charm. Picture this – a fine cable chain adorned with 'raindrop' fixed diamond-cut oval beads at sweet 1" intervals. It's the kind of chain that's like a soft whisper of elegance – not too showy, catches the light in all the right ways, and avoids the 'bling' overload.

Now, let's talk lengths, my lovelies! This high-quality gem is up for grabs in sizes ranging from a sassy 16" to a statement 24". And guess what? There's a 7" bracelet version too – because who said your wrists can't join the party?

But, darlings, here's the pro tip for keeping this silver stunner in its prime. Sterling Silver loves attention, and when it's not getting that, it can get a bit grumpy – aka, corrode and tarnish. So, before you tuck it in for a beauty sleep, make sure it's clean and dry. No moisture, dirt, oils, or sneaky chemicals allowed – they're the tarnish accelerators. Give it a warm water bath after flaunting it, dry it with a soft cloth, and let it rest in an airtight container. Pro tip: toss in a piece of chalk or a silica pack (you know, those little bags from shoe boxes) for extra TLC.

This chain is like the quiet star in the jewellery galaxy – understated but oh-so-gorgeous. Grab yours in the perfect length and let the subtle elegance shine! ✨💖

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