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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Alright, picture this: a stunning Sterling Silver pendant that's like a little slice of Emerald-green heaven, surrounded by a sparkling halo of Cubic Zirconia stones. It's the kind of piece that screams sophistication without breaking the bank.

Now, size-wise, we're looking at approximately 8x16mm, including the bale. Crafted with care in Sterling Silver, this pendant is the epitome of elegance. And guess what? We've got a matching pair of earrings up for grabs too – because who doesn't love a coordinated look?

But hold your horses, folks, because the fun doesn't stop there. This exquisite design is also available in ravishing Ruby red and mesmerizing Sapphire blue Cubic Zirconia. Can't find the link? No worries, just shoot me a message, and I'll hook you up.

Now, let's talk about Cubic Zirconia. Not just a Diamond substitute, it's been hailed as a potential solution to the whole conflict Diamonds debacle. You know, the whole drama surrounding the ethics, rarity and value of Diamonds? Yeah, that. Turns out, Cubic Zirconia could be the ethical bling we've been searching for, offering an alternative to supporting shady practices in the Diamond industry.

And speaking of ethical bling, it's crucial to store your jewellery properly. Keep 'em snug in a soft pouch or a box away from sunlight, ensuring those precious gems stay scratch-free.

Oh, and did I mention? Your earrings come packaged in one of our chic Christine Alexander branded gift boxes – because every piece of jewellery deserves a grand entrance, darling.

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