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Sorry, Brighton lass here. A piece for a BHAFC fan possibly? Or just a nature lover, or both! This one of a kind brooch is currently broken, but can easily be repaired, or repurposed into a necklace or bracelet, with the chain fastened at each wingtip. 

The soaring shiny Silver seagull is vintage, although stamped 'STERLING' without a hallmark, I would guess the 1970s. 13mm high x 54mm long.

Graceful, charming and powerful, I believe this is my personal new favourite vintage piece.

Before exploring Gull symbolism and meaning, it’s important to note that Herring Gulls and Seagulls are the same. Thinking of Herring Gull and Seagull stirs up images of Birds soaring and circling above vast bodies of water.  Here, Gull is an emblem for the marriage of land and sea: The union of the Earth Element, and Water Element. Similar to their boundary-style relationship with the ocean, Gull lives close to humans but prefers not to let them get close.  Preferring fish, molluscs, and Insects, they will feed whenever the opportunity strikes. You will find nothing shy about Gull Spirit. And, since Gulls live in large groups, the sound of their loud, piercing cries can become clamorous. Here, the creature symbolizes speaking your truth and remaining fearless in your stance.

 Within the Gull colony, there is a well-framed hierarchy.   If a mated pair thinks nearby Birds are challenging their food supply or encroaching, they will steal these unsuspecting parent’s eggs, hoping to get them to move. The Gulls’ behaviour reflects the strong survival instinct you’d expect from a sea-hardened sailor. 

The only time a Gull pair separates is when they cannot produce chicks.  It takes several nesting seasons to shake off the stigma. 

Diversity is part of Gull symbolism. At least one of the 50 species lives in every continent, including Antarctica.  That same assortment appears in where they make a nest, including fields, parking lots, jungles, and even deserts.  Gulls prefer freshwater to saltwater but can drink both.  The diversity of habitat Gulls live in makes them a symbol of adaptability. 

Herring Gull and other Seagulls appear in Native American Art and Clan Animal to some Tribes like the Chippewa. Some myths illustrate them as greedy, while others respect Gull’s persevering traits. The Haida Tribe of the Pacific Northwest, honour Gull as a wise advisor with a strong spiritual presence. 

Welsh Mythology connects Gulls with Saint Cenydd of Wales.  As a child, because he was crippled, Cenydd was cast into the River Lougher and left to whatever fate befell him.  In some stories, the Seagulls bring the child home and raised him. The people of Wales saw Gull as a predictor of storms.  Other superstitions suggest Gull has magical powers it derives from the Gods themselves. Meanwhile, in Ireland, the God of the Sea, Manannan Mac Lir sometimes appeared as a Gull. While this God had trickster traits, the more positive characteristics appear in Gull as intelligence and a love of playing games.



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