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Alright, sparkle enthusiasts, gather 'round because I've got something utterly fabulous to share with you. Say hello to my twisted wire rings—the ultimate upgrade from your standard plain band. These little beauties are the jewellery equivalent of a witty remark at a dull party: they catch everyone's eye and make everything instantly more interesting.

Crafted with a unique twist, quite literally, these rings feel as amazing as they look. They're perfect for stacking with other rings, making your hands look like a well-curated art exhibit. Available in UK sizes J to P, so do yourself a favour and measure those fingers! If you need help with sizing, just message me—because who wants to risk the heartbreak of a ring that doesn't fit?

Let's talk Silver. The word "Silver" has been shimmering through history in various forms, from seolfor to siolfor. This metal was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, known to prehistoric humans, though it was more about looking fabulous than structural strength. In Egypt, Silver was once pricier than Gold until the genius discovery of cupellation (basically ancient alchemy). Silver's storied past spans continents, from India to China and Japan, though the details are as murky as a gossip column.

Shipping: The Glamorous World of Parcel Patience

Alright, my fellow magpies, let’s dive into the dispatch and delivery drama. Picture this: I'm a one-woman powerhouse, tirelessly working to bring you the finest jewellery faster than you can say "sparkle." But here's the kicker—being a boutique operation, my stock is as limited as my patience for unsparkly things. Most of my treasures are shipped from a legion of talented smiths and suppliers to me on order.

UK Domestic Shipping: Fast but Fashionably Late

For my lovely UK-based customers, your sparkles will typically waltz their way to you in about 5-7 business days. Think of it as joyous anticipation before the big reveal!

International Shipping: The Waiting Game

For my fabulous international friends, I need you to channel your inner zen master. Shipping times can vary wildly, anywhere from 5 to 30 business days. Why? Because customs clearance is a thing. Patience, darling. Good things (and sparkly ones) come to those who wait.

Out of Stock? Not Out of Luck!

If the piece you’ve fallen in love with is out of stock, don’t fret! It’s available for order with a lead time of 4-10 weeks, depending on which of my brilliant suppliers is crafting your new favourite accessory. Just drop me a line about your heart's desire, and I’ll do my absolute best to meet your needs.

So, there you have it. Whether you’re waiting a few days or a few weeks, remember: great things (and truly fabulous jewellery) take time. Now, who's ready to add a bit of sparkle to their life?

At Christine Alexander, I take pride in my pieces. All of my handcrafted items use ethically sourced materials and are made to last, as well as look beautiful. I always aim to provide the highest quality products, shipping, and overall experience for each one of my valued customers.

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