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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Here's the deal, my lovely darlings – introducing a fierce and fab minimal addition to your jewellery game. This little gem plays so well with others, perfect for stacking up or rocking solo. Its genius design is like the ultimate style chameleon – ready to slay on the daily or steal the spotlight on those special occasions. Oh, and guess what? We're totally smitten with your bling, and we're giving it all the TLC it deserves! Personally, I love mine on my thumb – it's like my chic little secret.

Sizes, my dears, sizes! We've got you covered from H to Z, and here's a pro tip: go a size or two bigger than your usual size. And hey, if you're outside that range, just hit me up. I'm here to make your jewelry dreams come true.

Now, let's talk Sterling Silver savvy. You see, even the most fabulous pieces need a little care. If you're not flaunting them 24/7, they might get a tad moody – that's right, they can tarnish. So before you tuck 'em in for beauty sleep, ensure they're all clean and dry. Any sneaky moisture, dirt, oils, or mystery chemicals are like turbo boosters for tarnish. After a dazzling day out, give your Silver a gentle bath in warm water, then give it a spa day with a soft cloth. And when it's time for bed, let your Silvers snuggle up in an airtight container with a chalk buddy or one of those silica packs – you know, those little sachets you find in fancy shoe boxes. Sweet dreams, Silver!

So, whether you're stacking, styling, or stashing, let's keep that jewellery magic alive, shall we? We're all about loving our bling as much as you do, and we've got the tricks to make it happen. Stay fabulous, you absolute gem! 💎

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