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Get ready to rock some elegant vibes with these stunning, handcrafted drop earrings featuring faceted blue topaz gemstones. These little treasures are bedazzled in 9ct gold semi-precious stones, and nestled snugly in polished rub-over settings that amp up their charm. And when it comes to wearing them, no fuss – they easily hook on with French hooks.

Let's talk specifics: that round checkerboard-cut stone boasts a 7mm diameter, and from the tippy-top of the wire to the bottom, these earrings measure a graceful 22.5mm.

You've got options here, loves. There are pairs of matching stud earrings, a glorious long station necklace and even a bracelet and pendant necklace waiting in the wings. And if you fancy a different gemstone vibe, I've got Blue Chalcedony, Prasiolite, Moonstone and Labradorite in the same design.

Now, a little insider info: every raw gemstone I lay my hands on is cherry-picked for its one-of-a-kind character, quality, color, and sheer originality.

And guess what? You can even go the extra mile with luxury gift wrapping if you're planning to gift these beauties to someone special.

But here's a fun fact to top it all off: back in the day, before the 1950s, topaz came in a golden yellow to a peachy orange hue. This beauty was known as Precious Topaz. To make things even more interesting, the term "Topazio" in Brazilian Portuguese means "yellow gem." Talk about confusing! But wait, there's more. Blue used to be a rare sight in topaz, but thanks to advancements in colour treatments, we now have three dazzling shades: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue, and London Blue. These particular drops? They're Sky Blue, the lightest shade of Blue Topaz (20 to 30% tone), and when they're crystal clear, they can give even Aquamarine a run for its money. 💙✨

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