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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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Oh, darlings, let's take a moment to appreciate these exquisite drop earrings – they're nothing short of perfection, crafted to the highest standard. Fashioned from 9ct Yellow Gold, these lovelies boast some seriously lustrous Freshwater cultured Pearls that simply radiate elegance.

Now, let's get to the juicy details. Each earring stars a Pearl in the stud part, and they measure a dainty 3.5mm in diameter. From the millegrain setting that cradles these Pearls, a graceful open circle of Gold dangles below. The total length? A chic 14mm, with the earrings reaching 8mm wide at their most generous point. And, of course, they come complete with butterfly backs, all snug and cozy in a fully recycled branded gift box.

Let's talk about Pearls, shall we? These little gems are the rockstars of organic gemstones, and it's downright miraculous how nature takes a humble grain of sand and turns it into one of the most stunning gems on Earth.

And here's the kicker – when you show these beauties some love and care, they'll stick around for a lifetime. So, wear them often, because your body's natural oils actually help keep their gorgeous orient (that's their shimmer, by the way) in tip-top shape. But, like any diva, Pearls have their preferences – they're not fans of household chemicals, perfume, makeup, or hair spray. Keep those out of their way, and you'll have Pearls that keep on shining.

Oh, and guess what? Alongside Moonstone and Alexandrite, Pearl also enjoys a place of honor as the birthstone for the lovely folks born in June. 💎💖

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