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Christine Alexander Fine Jewellery

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In the realm of simplicity and beauty, these mini 9ct Gold hoops reign supreme. They're adorned with delicate round Cubic Zirconia gems, culminating in a 4cm drop that ends with a single Cultured Pearl, adding that touch of elegance. These hoops are nothing short of exquisite, crafted with the finest 9ct Gold and assembled with nothing but love right in the heart of Hatton Garden, London.

Now, here's something exciting – I offer layaway. This nifty option lets you pay in bite-sized, interest-free instalments, spread over a maximum of six months. These lovely earrings can be yours through:

  • 2 instalments of £109.50
  • 4 instalments of £54.75
  • 6 instalments of £36.50

Just give me a shout to kickstart the process. PayPal is the way to go here. Just remember, you'll have those earrings all to yourself once the payment is complete. Pop over to the Policies page on my website for the nitty-gritty details.

Now, let's chat about Gold, shall we? While most metals keep it on the grey or silvery-white side, Gold has that distinct reddish-yellow hue. And boy, can it get creative with its shades! Take, for instance, the elegant eighteen-carat Rose Gold, a Copper-induced masterpiece. But there's more – the White Gold alloys, thanks to a dash of palladium, are stars in the world of commercial jewellery. And let's not forget about the Green Gold – those fourteen- and eighteen-carat Gold alloys, just hanging out with Silver, sporting that greenish-yellow flair. If you're feeling adventurous, there are even more uncommon Gold shades out there, thanks to elements like manganese, aluminum, and indium.

Now, let's dive into Pearls. Got some, not sure if they're the real deal? Here's a nifty trick – rub them gently on your teeth. Real Pearls should have a slightly grainy feel, not silky smooth.

And, of course, we need to talk about Diamonds and their equally stunning counterpart, Cubic Zirconia. These gems are like two peas in a pod when it comes to brilliance and clarity, but Cubic Zirconia takes the cake when it comes to flawlessness. Crafted in labs in large quantities, it's not just more affordable but often ticks all those ethical boxes. On the hardness scale, it's right up there, scoring an impressive 8.5, compared to Diamonds' perfect 10. While it may not be a Diamond, it sure shares many Diamond-like qualities. So why wait for that "one day" Diamond when you can rock something equally magnificent right now? Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Remember, keep your jewellery in tip-top condition by storing each piece separately, whether in a soft pouch or a compartmentalized box, away from sunlight. And, mind you, those harder gemstones can be a bit of a bully to the softer ones, so let's keep them from getting too close. 😉

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