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A beautifully crafted handmade circle necklace with textured elements in the design and made in the finest Sterling Silver. The design is two sizes of circles; a stylish statement piece with a feel of weight and chunkiness, perfect for breaking up an outfit and sturdy enough for everyday wear.

This necklace is available in three lengths and features a custom chunky bolt or spring ring. A matching bracelet and drop earrings are also available.

All of my handmade pieces of jewellery come in a stunning fully recycled box. I am constantly working on improving my environmental footprint, so I use recyclable packaging and natural materials. Please note; where these pieces are shown as not in stock, they are obtainable with a lead time of approx. 4-6 weeks, as they are handmade.

Totality, perfection, unity, eternity; the circle is a symbol of completeness that can include ideas of both permanence and dynamism. Apart from the point or centre, with which it shares much of its symbolism, the circle is the only geometric shape without divisions and alike at all points. Because the circle, which can also represent a sphere, is a form potentially without a beginning or end, it is the most important and universal of all geometric symbols in mystic thought. 

To the ancients, the observed cosmos presented itself inescapably as circular - not only the planets themselves, including the presumed flat disc of the earth circled by waters, but also their cyclical movements and the recurring cycles of the seasons. Sky symbolism and belief in celestial power underlaid primitive rituals and architecture throughout the world - circular dancing or ceremonial walking around fires, altars or poles, the circular passing of the calumet in North America, the whirling of shamans, the circular forms of tents or encampments,  circular megalithic markings, and fortifications or ringed monuments of the Neolithic period. Circles also stand for inclusive harmony, as in the Arthurian Round Table, or the ‘charmed circle’ of acquaintanceship widely used in a modern idiom.

Dynamism is added to the circle in the many images of discs with rays, wings or flames found in religious iconography, notably Sumerian, Egyptian and Mexican. Concentric circles can stand for celestial hierarchies (as in the choirs of angels symbolising heaven in Renaissance art), levels in the afterworld or, in Zen Buddhism, stages of spiritual development. The circle can be masculine (as the sun) but also feminine (as the maternal womb). The Chinese yin-yang symbol of male and female interdependence uses two colours within a circle, divided by an S-shaped curve, each including a smaller circle of the opposite colour.

When the Phoenicians first came to what is now Spain, they obtained so much Silver that they could not fit it all on their ships, and as a result, used Silver to weight their anchors instead of lead. The stability of the Roman currency relied to a high degree on the supply of Silver bullion, mostly from Spain, which Roman miners produced on a scale unparalleled before the discovery of the New World, from 600 to 300 BC. The Romans also recorded the extraction of Silver in central and northern Europe during the same time period. Central Europe became the centre of Silver production during the Middle Ages, as the Mediterranean deposits exploited by the ancient civilisations had been exhausted. Most of these ores were quite rich in Silver and could simply be separated by hand from the remaining rock and then smelted; some deposits of native Silver were also encountered. In the Americas, high-temperature silver-lead cupellation technology was developed by pre-Inca civilizations as early as AD 60–120; silver deposits in India, China, Japan, and pre-Columbian America continued to be mined during this time.

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